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Evergreen International Trading Ltd considers the satisfaction of its customers as its top priority. Therefore, we are completely dedicated to maintain an excellent and international standard of customer service.

Our manufacturers/suppliers are also aware to maintain their goodwill in the global market. Besides their constant monitoring, they never hesitate to step ahead to help us ensure the maximum comfort of our customers.


Evergreen Trading International Ltd. has been successful to create a remarkable service team. Every year, our team receives an international standard training from overseas professionals and also locally, under the supervision of international experts.

Evergreen Trading International Ltd. truly cares about the satisfaction of its customers. So, besides the warranty system of the manufacturers and suppliers, we create our own service principles. We believe that our responsibility does not end with the sale of the product, but we remain committed to our customers about the availability of the spare parts of any items from the various brands we deal.

User Experience

The benefits to our customers do not end here. Within the warranty period of the products, we provide free spare parts along with free services!

We always let our customers know beforehand about the details of our service principles, and ensure that we stay committed to them. So if you are worried about the quality and durability of your bathroom, you are at the right place with Evergreen.